Qigong at home


Tao asked Shun: Under heaven, what is the most precious thing?
Shun said: Life is the most precious.

– (from: Ten Questions, Shiwen, from the Mawandui Silk Texts, 168 B.C)

Qigong, “working with Qi”, is a system of health preservation from China, dating back centuries. Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong seeks to nourish Qi, our life-force, through movement, breath exercises and meditative concentration, allowing us to offer health and well-being to ourselves.

The movements are performed slowly and consciously, either in a standing or sitting position. Qigong is therefore well-suited and recommendable for people who are physically challenged.

My Offer

My offer is geared towards people who would like to do something for their health but cannot participate in a regular evening class or workshop. If you suffer from joint pain, back pain, circulatory problems or other physical challenges, we will adapt the program to your individual needs and your current situation.

I will visit you in your home or another place of your choice (workplace, care facility, …) in and around Vienna. During our first session, we will explore together which kinds of exercises suit you best. I offer both exercises in motion (standing or sitting) and quiet, meditative exercises (sitting or lying down). Sessions will be between 60 and 90 minutes long, with the pace matching your personal preference. Specific dates and frequency will be arranged individually.

Lessons are taught in both German and English / Unterricht auf Deutsch und Englisch möglich


90 minutes trial lessonfree of charge
60 minutes lesson30 €
90 minutes lesson40 €
10 Class Pack 60 minutes200 €
10 Class Pack 90 minutes300 €

Students, retirees, socially disadvantaged people and those with low income can be given a discount of up to 50%. We will discuss a price that suits both sides during the free trial lesson.

About Me

Susanne Halbeisen

Qigong course instructor in training (IQTÖ certified)
Meditation and mindfulness teacher
Zen practitioner